"Pianist with deep sensibility"
"With her great ability of empathizing she can fit herself intellectual and emotional into the new world of music"


(Till A. Körber, composer)

“What is especially prominent in Eriko's playing is her sovereignty by controlling the sound of the instrument. Everything can be heard, even in most complex textures. The intention of the composer is always carried out, and all emotions will be crystallized.”
“She introduced a large variety of timbral possibilities of piano”

(Ari Romppanen, composer/September 4, 2022 JFCMS official FB-page)

The pianist from Yokohama interpreted this great work written in the Beethoven’s middle period with full romantic storm and passion, as a meaningful magical pieces and also as a incarnation of the daemonic power of the music. The second movement sounded meditative, and the last Allegro-movement reminded me the rustle in the wind. She used the pedal moderately, which makes the structure and the continuing accompaniment in the bass. Her whole performance was filled with preciseness, faithfulness to the work, wonderful touch and depth of soul.


(Fred Androsch/ March 2, 2015 Tips Zeitung)

Eriko Takahashi brought a pieces „Le Loriot“ from “Catalogue d’Oiseaux” of Olivier Messiaen, which we seldom find in piano concerts. She didn’t exaggerate any things and showed the structure very clear, also by fast passages. I enjoyed all contents and emotions in this unusual piece vicariously.


(Martin G. Günkel/ August 15, 2014 Lauterbacher Anzeiger)

Eriko Takahashi drew the strict but well singing lines by the Adagio in b minor KV 540. The well balanced accents contrasts with the sounds like a consolation.


(Nikolaus Frey/ August 19, 2014 Fuldaer Zeitung)

Eriko Takahashi interpreted the suite „Holiday Diary“op.5 (B. Britten) with elegant and gentle sounds.


(Chr. Grubauer/ October 24, 2013 Neues Volksblatt)