25.04.2024 Update: Biography and Concerts

01.03.2024 Update: Concerts

22.09.2023 Joining to the project "Musica Aerea" (Helsinki, June 2023)

03.08.2023 Videos of the concerts in Finland

11.07.2023 Update: Concerts

17.05.2023 Update: Concerts

07.02.2023 Update: Concerts and Music

13.10.2022 Update: Concerts

13.10.2022 Videos of the recital "Nature in Sounds"

06.07.2022 Update: Concerts

19.05.2022 Video of the concert "Insel/Frieden" is on YouTube

16.04.2022 Update: Concerts

16.04.2022 Talk(JP) & Performance video for JFCMS

03.11.2021 New Video on YouTube

28.10.2021 New Video on YouTube

27.09.2021 New video on YouTube

22.08.2021 New video on YouTube

23.07.2021 New video on YouTube

22.07.2021 New video on YouTube

05.07.2021 Update: Concerts

03.06.2021 First performances of my piano pieces in Espoo, Finland

31.05.2021 New video on YouTube

30.05.2021 New video on YouTube

30.04.2021 Update: New article

20.02.2021 New video on YouTube

07.02.2021 Update: Concerts

23.12.2020 New videos is now on YouTube channel

28.10.2020 Solo recital on October 16th 2020 at Alte Schmiede (Vienna, Austria) is on YouTube

18.07.2020 New video on YouTube

16.06.2020 Update: Concerts

30.03.2020 New video on YouTube

04.02.2020 Update: Concerts

11.01.2020 Update: Music and Concerts

31.12.2019 Update: Concerts

21.09.2019 Performed in "Aoba Lunch Time Concert" (Yokohama, Japan) on 18.09.2020

08.07.2019 Update: Concerts

23.04.2019 Prize for contemporary music at the international music competition "Music&Earth" in Sofia, Bulgaria

20.04.2019 Information about the CD "Musique Variée"

25.01.2019 Article about recital "Rarities from Austria" on 19.01.2019 (German)

01.11.2018 Article about duo recital in the LMS Mauthausen on 30.10.2018 (German)

08.06.2018 Interview with recording @ Radio FRO

27.05.2018 Joined as orchestra by the produktion in the operahaus in Graz (AT)