Saturday 13th May  1 pm  Small hall in Ebina Culture Hall, Kanagawa


by members of Ken-ou Musician Society

Friday 7th July  6 pm  Huopalahti Church, Helsinki

Towards the Silence - Ari Romppanen Composition Concert

"Sandbox of Almach" and "Silence of Kharon" for piano

Tuesday, 11th July  7 pm  Joensuu Conservatory Hall

Joensuu Music Festival
Nature - Visions in Freedom

Works by Romppanen, Kubo, Kokkonen, Takemitsu, Ichiyanagi and Madetoja

Wednesday, 12th July  7 pm  Juuka Municipal Hall


Works by Romppanen, Miyoshi, Kokkonen, Takemitsu, Ichiyanagi and Madetoja

Sunday, August 27th 7 pm  Center-Minami Station Square "Skip Hiroba",  Yokohama

Concert under the Starry Sky

with Rina Sato (piano)

Works by Prokofiev and Brahms

Wednesday, September 20th 12:15-12:45 pm   lobby of Aoba-ward office, Yokohama

Lunchtime concert

Works by Debussy, Kokkonen and Chopin

Saturday, December 16th 1:30-3:30 pm   Nakamura district community center, Yokohama

Winter Concert (song accompaniment)

Etsuko Wakui (soprano)

Opera arias, Christmas songs etc.